Greetings! You’ve reached the humble online abode of James Senter, a part-time independent game developer.

I believe that imagination is more powerful than the fanciest computer graphics. My goal is to use this principle to make vastly immersive experiences with just a few lines of text, simple mechanics, and a story to tell. No need for millions of dollars and a huge development team.

Check out my published games: Nano EmpireA Few Minutes of Glory, and most recently Evelyn’s Farm!

I also seek to promote other developers who have dared to make great mobile games in a world where money has a tendency to obstruct art. You can check out my list of favorite games here. And if you’ve made your own truly great game, I’d love to help you tell the world about it.

Please send any questions or comments to jsenter.games@gmail.com.

You can also find me on Twitter (@jamesksenter).