A Few Minutes of Glory


Are you tired of casual “real-time strategy” games where whoever has the most money wins? Do you wish you could play *a certain classic medieval RTS* on your mobile device?

A Few Minutes of Glory is a quick, text-based, yet still challenging distillation of THAT game, to satisfy your RTS craving on the go.

Wait, how could someone possibly make a text-based RTS? By focusing on strategy rather than tactics. You decide what resources to gather, what units to build, and when to attack; and the small details of battle are simulated automatically.

Create your own civilization with a unique army composition, and try to survive a campaign against 10 enemy civilizations. Every time you win a match, choose a new power to change the course of battle. No two civilizations will be the same!


-15 military units including swordsmen, horse archers, knights, catapults, and monks
-Food, wood, gold, and stone, each with a different strategic purpose
-Aggressive and defensive strategies, and everything in between
-Action-packed matches lasting only 4 minutes
-Roguelike progression: try to survive 10 matches, and upgrade your civilization after each win
-4 levels of AI difficulty
-The AI never cheats, yet the developer still can’t beat the hardest AI
-VoiceOver accessibility
-Pay once to own the entire game, forever
-The app icon will never include an angry shouting face


Game Guide

New to A Few Minutes of Glory? A great place to start would be the tutorial. If you want a more in-depth guide than that, you’ve come to the right place.


A Few Minutes of Glory is played in matches between you and the AI, each lasting 4 minutes. In each match, your goal is to be the first to 10 Glory, or have the most Glory after the Final Battle. You gain Glory by winning battles.


At the top of the screen, you will see four resources. Food (F) is used for basic military units, especially infantry. Wood (W ) is used for ranged units and increasing resource production. Gold (G) is used for advanced military units. Stone (S) is used for defensive structures.

For each resource, you can build an associated production building by pressing the button to the right. The number of production buildings equals the amount of that resource produced per second. Production buildings cost wood, and each costs 10 wood more than the last (you have already used up the best land).

Military Units

In the middle of the screen, you can build your armies. Each player has five randomly selected military units available for purchase at the listed resource cost. Every time you build a unit, you must assign it to offense (left button) or defense (right button). When you attack the enemy, your offensive units will fight the enemy’s defensive units. Vice versa when the enemy attacks you. Units that you build on one side will not participate in battles on the other side. You can also build walls and towers for defense following the same rules, using the buttons toward the bottom right.

Each unit is classified as either Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, or Structure, and each has different strengths and weaknesses versus other types. A brief summary of each military unit follows. For full details, consult the game’s Army Reference.

Archer: Light ranged unit. Great vs infantry.
Ballista: Giant crossbow. Strong vs any individual target, but vulnerable.
CamelCavalry that specializes against enemy cavalry.
Catapult: Has a powerful area attack, hitting 3 targets at once.
Horse Archer: Performs a powerful hit-and-run attack, retreating after the first round of combat.
Knight: Heavy cavalry. Strong vs everything, but expensive.
Light Cavalry: Fastest cavalry. Great vs ranged.
Militia: Cheap, weak infantry good for cannon fodder or plundering structures.
Monk: Slow and vulnerable, but converts its targets instead of killing them. Has a terrifying voice.
Pikeman: Slow, heavy infantry. Good vs cavalry and structures.
Skirmisher: Light javelin-throwing infantry. Better than other infantry vs ranged.
Swordsman: Basic infantry with no major strengths or weaknesses.
Tower: Basic arrow-shooting defensive structure.
Trebuchet: Quickly tears down structures. Can’t attack anything else. Offense only.
Wall: Armored, unarmed structure good at absorbing hits.


When you attack the enemy (by pressing the Attack button) or the enemy attacks you (any time), combat begins, and the combat screen appears showing the two armies side by side.

Before fighting, the attacker raids the countryside. Each attacking unit scores a hit with percent chance equal to its attack value vs structures. Each hit gives the attacker 50 random resources. The defender does not lose resources.

Once you press the Start button, combat proceeds automatically in rounds. In each round, each unit attacks in initiative order (starting at initiative 1, and attacker wins ties). Whenever a unit attacks, a random enemy unit is chosen as the target. Then, percent chance to destroy the target = active unit’s attack value – target’s armor (minimum 5%). All initiative, attack, and armor values can be found in the Army Reference.

If a side is ever outnumbered 2 to 1 or worse (not including walls), that side gets a Fury bonus: +30 to all attack values.

The last player to have units alive (not including walls) wins!

After Combat

If the attacker wins, the attacker gains 2 Glory. If the defender wins, the defender gains 1 Glory. Surviving units return to fight in future battles. The attacker must wait 25-35 seconds (chosen randomly) before attacking again.

If you lose, you gain +1 of each production building for free, as your people work harder out of fear. This means that even if you lose the battle, you still have a chance to catch up and win the war!

Final Battle

If the timer reaches 0 and neither side has gained 10 Glory, the Final Battle occurs. Both sides combine their offensive and defensive forces, and the player with less Glory attacks the player with more Glory in a desperate last stand! The winner of the Final Battle randomly gains 2-6 Glory. Therefore, even if you have been behind for the entire game, there’s a chance that you can win during the Final Battle. Of course, the better you did throughout the game, the more likely you are to win after the Final Battle.

You always lose ties! To win, you actually have to win!


So you won a match. What good is that? Between games, you’ll see the campaign screen. In a campaign, you’re gradually building a unique civilization. Choose a name for your civilization in the top left. Each civilization has a different combination of five military units, so new strategies await you with every campaign. Press the Info buttons to learn more about each unit.

Your ultimate goal is to survive 10 matches, each against a different random civilization. Every time you win, you can choose a new power for your civilization. Powers include extra resources, extra stats for your military units, and starting military units. Beware: each new enemy has the same number of powers as you, chosen randomly.

This is no easy task. A single lost match means the end of your civilization. But that will make victory so much sweeter in the end!

Privacy Policy

A Few Minutes of Glory is a fully offline game and does not collect any personal information.