Evelyn’s Farm


To save money for college, you and your friends Ivan and Lucy have agreed to help an old lady, Evelyn, with the harvest. What could possibly go wrong?


-A nonlinear story with many possible endings
-Incremental resource management as in Nano Empire
-Gradually explore a vast world
-Idle gameplay: make progress even while you are away
-Fully accessible with VoiceOver
-Pay once to own the entire game, forever
-Partly inspired by a recent show set in Indiana


Game Guide


Upon arriving at Evelyn’s Farm, note your three main attributes at the top of the screen:

Money is spent to accomplish major milestones, such as going to college.
Knowledge determines how quickly you accomplish knowledge-based tasks, such as exploring or talking.
Strength determines how quickly you accomplish strength-based tasks, such as working in the fields or fighting (hopefully not needed…).


The main menu shows a list of currently available tasks. Tasks are the core of the game. Select a task, such as “Talk to Evelyn”, from the list, to see the details of that task. Then press the Work button to make progress. Usually, each time you press the Work button, you will contribute progress equal to your Knowledge or Strength. Once the progress bar is filled, you will complete the task, receiving rewards and/or unlocking new content.

Some tasks require paying a sum of money instead of making progress. These are completed immediately once you pay. Other tasks are completely free, but can only be completed after a certain time interval.

In the main menu, tasks are color coded to show whether they require money, knowledge, or strength. Some tasks have an exclamation point, meaning that completing them will advance the story, while those without an exclamation point can be repeated indefinitely.


Before long, you will unlock the Team menu, where you will see your two friends, Ivan and Lucy. Each character has a knowledge and strength attribute just like your own. Once you hire a character, they can be assigned to a task. When assigned, a character will automatically contribute progress per second equal to their strength or knowledge. You can assign multiple characters to the same task, and/or work on the task yourself at the same time. Each character can only be assigned to one task at a time. If an asterisk appears next to a character’s name, that character is currently assigned to a different task, but you can still assign them to the current task instead.

The first character assigned to a task becomes the leader. If you want to be the leader, press the Work button before assigning another character. The leader will receive any knowledge or strength awarded when the task is complete.


Surely this will just be a simple job, in which you do some work, make some money, and move on with your life. Surely there are no sinister forces waiting for you. But it never hurts to be prepared, right? If combat happens, it will be when you are about to complete a task. In combat, you compare your strength to an enemy’s strength. Your side’s strength is the sum of your strength and Ivan and Lucy’s strength, minus any characters who are wounded or not present. The enemy’s strength depends on the enemy. When you choose to fight, each side rolls a random number between 1 and that side’s strength, and the high number wins (rerolling ties). So if both sides have equal strength, there’s a 50% chance of victory.

If you win, you complete the task at hand and find out what happens next. If you lose, one of the participating characters will be wounded, meaning they can take no action for 15 minutes. You will be able to try the failed task again in the future. If you choose to run away instead of fighting, no one will be wounded, but the task at hand will not be completed and will not be available for 10 minutes.

The world has a danger level (initially 0), equal to the percent chance that you will be randomly attacked upon completing a task.

Idle progress

You don’t have to be present to make progress. This story is meant to be enjoyed even if you just check in a few times per day. While you are away:

-Ivan and Lucy will keep working on tasks to which they are assigned. There may be completed tasks when you return.
-You earn money per second for up to 30 minutes after you leave. Beyond that, you will need to return and provide leadership (also the game would be broken if you could make infinite money).
-Timers such as wounded time and task cooldowns will still advance.

Good luck!

Privacy Policy

Evelyn’s Farm is a fully offline game and does not collect any personal information.