Friends of the Prince


The Robot Queen was about to enslave humanity. But then the Prince, our seven-year-old hero, deceived her with cuteness and smashed her face. Now the victorious Prince is building a glorious new human nation, and he invites YOU to help!

Join Friends of the Prince, the Prince’s personal social network and the only source of information you can trust! If you are a good citizen, the Prince will reward you with power, which you can use to help improve the nation’s culture, economy, and security. Together, we will build a happy and robot-free world!

Friends of the Prince is a massively multiplayer social media simulator. You choose whether to “like” or “dislike” messages from the Prince, and all players’ choices combine to impact a shared game world.




Game Guide

The rules of Friends of the Prince are quite simple. The Prince will give you a message. You can either “Like” or “Dislike” the message. Each message is associated with either the Culture, Economy, or Security progress bar. If you “Like” the message, the associated progress bar will go up by an amount equal to your Power. If you “Dislike” the message, that progress bar will go down by the same amount.

All players share the same Culture, Economy, and Security, so your choices will affect the game for everyone. If any of the progress bars reaches either end, all players will experience an ending to the story. Maybe you’ll want to work toward a particular ending and recruit other players to help you…

Your Power represents your degree of influence in the world. Make the “right” choices, and your power will go up. Make the “wrong” choices, and your Power might go down. The higher your Power, the more easily you will be able to shape the world’s Culture, Economy, and Security as you see fit.

Each of the three progress bars has a strategic effect on the world. Culture determines how much Power you receive every time you press the “Like” button. Economy determines the time between messages. Security determines the chance of losing half your power if you press the “Dislike” button. Be warned, life isn’t easy for traitors… Tap the label of each progress bar for more information.

The rest, you will have to figure out on your own. Good luck, and DON’T MAKE THE PRINCE SAD!