Guess the Rule

There’s a secret rule to determine which sequences of colored shapes are allowed and which are not. Something like “a square next to a circle” or “one of each color.” Using your powers of inductive logic, you must predict whether each new sequence fits. Collect evidence, adjust your predictions, and guess the rule–it’s a lot like the scientific method!

Guess the Rule is easy to learn but difficult to master. Start with simple rules, but if you want to spice things up, try adding “and”, “or”, or “if…then”… You’ll find endless challenges, some of which are absolutely diabolical! You can also compete with other players for the highest score, either through pass-and-play or on the daily leaderboards.

Game Guide

The core gameplay is simple. You’re given a sequence of three shapes and must guess whether the sequence follows a hidden rule or not based on past results. Press the X or check button to indicate your choice. If you guessed correctly, you’ll gain points. If not, you’ll lose points. Later turns are worth more points, as you should be gaining a better and better idea of what the rule is. Repeat for 20-30 turns.

Each rule has one of the following forms:

  1. A (shape/color) in (position).
  2. No (shape/color) in (position).
  3. (Zero/at least one/at least two) (shape/color).
  4. Same (shape/color) in (positions).
  5. A (shape/color) and a (shape/color) of the same (color/shape).
  6. One of each (shape/color).
  7. A (shape/color) next to a (shape/color).

On Normal difficulty, there will be a single rule. On Hard difficulty, there will be two rules joined by “and or “or” (inclusive).

Select “Pass and Play” to play with 1-3 friends. You will take turns making guesses, and whoever has the highest score wins! Remember, later turns have greater reward but equally greater risk.

Privacy Policy

If you play while logged into Game Center, your Game Center nickname and daily high scores will be visible to other players.

If you enable Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Share With App Developers on your device, anonymous crash reports and usage data may be collected. See for more information.

Otherwise, Guess the Rule does not collect any personal information.