Nano Empire


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A network of nanorobots gives humans godlike power. What will you do with yours?

-Create your own world! Build, upgrade, and explore a unique combination of glorious locations. No two worlds are the same!

-Wage war against 10 enemy personalities, from giant scorpion matriarchs to ruthless space pirates!

-Embark on secret missions, discover dark truths, and take action. Many lives will depend on your choices!

An incremental strategy game designed for depth and replayability.


Game Guide

Getting Started

You start with a blank world, waiting for you to create something. Tap the “Create” button to see the creation menu. There are five locations available for you to create (you might have to scroll). Tap a location to read about it. Once you’ve picked one, choose “Yes” to create it in your world!

You’ll see that your location is now producing resources. Before long, you’ll be able to use these resources to create more locations!


There are four resources in Nano Empire:
Energy is used to create and level up locations.
Followers are used in a variety of location actions, often to increase resource production.
Attack is your strength in offensive combat.
Defense is your strength in defensive combat.

Each resource has a production value equal to the amount of this resource you produce per second. Increase production by creating and leveling up locations, and by taking certain actions at locations.

Using Locations

The main “My World” view shows a list of locations you’ve created. Tap a location’s name to visit that location. A location name turns gray if you can’t currently do anything at that location, but you can still visit at any time.

Each location increases the production of certain resources and/or provides a special bonus, which you can see in the location’s description.

Each location also offers unique actions for you to take. Choose an action from the menu and find out what happens! After taking an action, you must wait a while before taking that action again.

Select “Level Up” and pay the required energy to level up your location. Leveling up increases the resources produced by that location and unlocks a new action!


Before long, enemies will start to notice your world. Tap “Campaign” to see your current enemy’s information. The enemy has an Attack and Defense value just like you do. The enemy will attack your world at random intervals, or you can tap “Attack!” to attack the enemy’s world.

If you attack the enemy, your hit points in battle will be equal to your Attack value, and your enemy’s hit points will be their Defense. Vice versa if the enemy attacks you.

In the combat view, your goal is to reduce the enemy’s hit points (red) to zero before they reduce yours (blue). To reduce the enemy’s hit points, tap the “Fight!” button as fast as you can! Drumming with multiple fingers is recommended.

If you are using VoiceOver, combat becomes turn-based instead. Tap the “Fight!” button to deal one round of damage to the enemy, and then the enemy will deal one round of damage to you. Repeat until one side reaches zero.

You can also use the special abilities “Zap” and “Recruit” once per battle. “Zap” consumes 20% of your Energy and reduces your enemy’s hit points by the same amount, plus any bonuses you have acquired. “Recruit” consumes 20% of your Followers and adds the same amount to your hit points, plus any bonuses. Beware: enemies sometimes use these abilities as well!

If you win a battle, you plunder 2 resources for every enemy hit point you destroyed. If you lose, the enemy plunders 2 resources for every surviving hit point, so it pays to fight as hard as you can even if you are doomed.

If you keep losing, don’t give up! The enemy can never steal more than half of your resources. Also, if the enemy wins they will grow complacent and their strength will not increase significantly, so you’ll be able to get revenge eventually. Finally, keep in mind that attacking and plundering the enemy is a great way to recover lost defense.

Once you successfully attack an enemy 5 times, that enemy will be defeated, you will receive a bonus, and a tougher enemy will be revealed!

What Next?

It’s up to you! You can keep creating and leveling up locations to make your world more impressive. You can conquer more and more enemies to demand respect in the universe. And maybe a bigger adventure is waiting…