Recommended iPhone Games

I enjoy playing games as well as creating them. Sadly, it can be easy for brilliant games by small developers to be lost beneath heaps of mass market titles. Therefore, I will use this page to evangelize games that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. The iPhone is my favorite gaming device, but many of these titles are available on other platforms as well.

If you want to spread the word about a great game that needs more attention, feel free to email me at, and if I like it I’ll add it to the list!

Games marked with * are, in my opinion, the best of the best.


80 Days (interactive fiction)

Age of Rivals (multiplayer card game)

Alto’s Odyssey (endless runner)

Artificial Superintelligence (card-swiping adventure)

Auralux: Constellations (simple RTS)

Bastion (action RPG)

Barbearian (action RPG)

Bardbarian (action RPG/tower defense)

Blackwell * (point-and-click adventure series)

Castle Battles (simple RTS)

Cat Quest (action RPG)

Crashlands * (crafting action RPG)

CrossMe Nonograms (picture/logic puzzles)

A Dark Room (incremental text-based RPG)

Device 6 (puzzle adventure)

Downwell * (action roguelike)

Exiled Kingdoms RPG * (open world action RPG)

Flipping Legend (endless runner)

Forever Lost (puzzle adventure series)

Forma.8 GO (Metroidvania)

Fowlst (arcade)

Full of Stars * (story-driven arcade)

Galaxy on Fire 2 * (open world space shooter)

Goblin Sword (action/adventure platformer)

Guild of Dungeoneering (turn-based RPG)

Iesabel (action RPG)

The Inner World (point-and-click adventure)

ISLANDS: Non-Places (surreal art experience)

Karaz’s Conquest (exploration adventure)

Land of Livia (text-based RPG)

Lost Portal CCG (single-player CCG)

Lumino City (puzzle adventure)

Meteorfall: Journey (card roguelite)

Mini Metro (subway simulation puzzle)

Morphite (space exploration adventure)

PathPix Max * (picture/logic puzzles)

Pavilion * (puzzle adventure)

Pocket City (city builder)

Pocket Mine 3 (arcade)

Portal Knights (crafting action RPG)

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville (zombie city builder)

Ridiculous Fishing (arcade)

Rogue Wizards (turn-based RPG)

Samorost 3 (point-and-click adventure)

The Scrungeon Depths (roguelite action RPG)

Sky Force Reloaded (arcade shooter)

Smash Hit (relaxing geometric arcade)

SPACEPLAN (story-driven incremental)

Sproggiwood (turn-based RPG)

Technobabylon (point-and-click adventure)

Tempest: Pirate Action RPG (open world RPG)

Thimbleweed Park * (point-and-click adventure)

Ticket to Earth (tactical puzzle RPG)

Timecrest: The Door (real-time interactive fiction)

Titan Quest * (action RPG)

Universal Paperclips (incremental)

Vignettes (surreal puzzle)

Wayward Souls * (roguelite action RPG)

XON (puzzle adventure series)